Architectural Committee Report No.2 November, 2000




The Architectural Committee is a designated Committee of the Woodbury Park Association Corporation with its specific responsibilities, duties, and authority contained in the homeowner’s “Declaration of Restrictions”.


The purpose of the Architectural Committee is to provide for the preservation and enhancement of the property values in the Subdivision.


Intersection at Curtis and Westchester


We have been working with the Livonia Traffic Commission, the Livonia City Council, and the Livonia Police to create a safer condition at this intersection, and to slow the traffic on Curtis Road. The Police have given us some special attention and told us that they would continue. They do not believe that an additional stop sign at the corner would help. They said that the few accidents at the corner did not merit another stop sign.


Vinyl Siding in Lieu of Paint


Based on a review of this matter, it was determined that the use of vinyl siding in lieu of paint was not in keeping with the distinctive design of our homes.


Other Items


Improvements at the Westchester and Newburgh entrance have been completed.


As provided in the Deed Restrictions each mailbox in the Subdivision shall be coordinated with and aesthetically similar to all other mailboxes in the Subdivision, and shall be designed and constructed in accordance with specifications established or approved by the Committee”.



We saw no objection to use brick pavers to widen driveways.


For the homes on Curtis that backup to the Livonia School property, the School offered each resident the option of the School cleaning-up the scrub growing in the trees or to do nothing.


Where it is necessary for a homeowner to submit plans to us (see Deed Restrictions), we will review them in an expeditious manner.


We thank you for your phone calls and encourage comments.


Architectural Committee:

Russ Flynn 953-8510

James Lokar       432-2386

Homer Shepherd 542-0565


In writing to Box 530872, Livonia, Mi. 48153-0872.