Board of Directors Responsibilities


The Board of Directors manage the Woodbury Park Association non-profit Corporation as provided for in the Declaration of Restrictions and Bylaws. The corporation was formed for the efficient preservation of the values and amenities in the sub-division and to own, maintain, preserve and administer the Common Area and other areas, and landscaping, and to collect and disburse the assessments, and to promote the recreation, health, safety and welfare of the residents.


Assessments levied by the Association shall be used exclusively to promote the recreation, health, safety and welfare of the residents and in particular for watering, cutting, and maintaining the berm, maintaining any landscaping, facilities or amenities constructed thereon or used therein, landscaped traffic islands located within the subdivision streets, entrance monuments, lighting, signs, for the payment of water and electric bills, and maintenance of trees, shrubs and grass.


The Declaration of Restrictions provides for an Architectural Review Committee. No improvement shall be erected, placed, installed, constructed, reconstructed or maintained on any lot, nor shall any exterior appearance of any improvement, or any change in landscaping, be made until plans and specifications showing the kind, size, shape, height, colors, materials, topography and location of each improvement on the lot shall have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Committee.


The three Board of Directors each hold three year terms. The operating responsibilities of the members are to be agreed to by the Board members. For reporting purposes, board members will select a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.


Operating responsibilities:

  1. Maintenance
  2. Architectural Committee
  3. Financial
  4. Communications


Lawn Maintenance:

  1. Spring Clean up. Contact vendorin early March to get on list for April.
  2. Walk thru commons areas to make list of jobs to be done.
  3. Weekly cutting includes from top of berm to street. String trimming on all areas.
  4. Sidewalks are edged approximately once every 3-4 weeks.
  5. Weeding requires special request. You may need to follow up.
  6. You should ask for copy of proof of Worker's Comp. Insurance Certificate each year. Current Contact (pending new bid for job).


Lawn Fertilization and Shrub and Tree Maintenance:

  1. Sign an annual contract for services (4 applications of fertilizer for the lawn). Need to determine annual services for the shrubs and trees.
  2. Board needs to decide if it will require other services such as lime application, grub control and core aeration.
  3. Need to remind vendor that they must post flags all along the berm and blvd. after application of chemicals.
  4. Trim shrubs annually and trees every three to five years.
  5. Replace shrubs and trees as required.
  6. Fertilizer trees and shrubsas needed to prevent loss.
  7. There are 4 islands that need weeding and shrub and tree maintenance.

Main entrance

Kingsburn Court

Westchester entrance

Curtis Road

Winter Services:

1.     For Snow Removal status, contact the Livonia Public Service Division, Bob B. or Bob. Z. (734) 466-2655

2.     Salting intersections when necessary.

3.     New ordinance will require snow removal from sidewalk in front of berm.


Annual Flower Plantings:

1.     Need to Contact vendor in late February or early March to make sure  that orders for flowers is placed.

2.     Contract provides for both entrances.

3.     Contract should provide for fertilizing, planting, weeding and fall clean-up.

Sprinkler System:

  1. Contact city in early March to get on the installation list to have the water meter re-installed. Must be done each year.


City of Livonia Public Works -Water & Sewer (734) 466-2650 ext. 1

Account # 050120500

Mailing address: 37397 Kingsburn

  1. Start up the Sprinkler System each year -Call after water meter is installed by city. Need to make sure it is running before flowers are planted.
  2. Have system blown out in the fall after water meter is removed.
  3. Maintenance and updates as needed.


Lighting Maintenance

1.     Maintain lighting at the North and South Entrances.

2.     South Entrance lighting was installed in Oct. 2000.


Mail box Maintenance

1.     Maintenance should be done annually.

2.     Maintenance consists of cleaning and waxing, painting, and replacing rubber bumpers and handles.



Architectural Committee:

  1. Consists of three (3) members. One must be a Board Member.
  2. An Attorney has been retained to assist the Board.
  3. Discharge the duties outlined in Declaration of Restrictions.
  4. Communicate restrictions to members and monitor violations.
  5. Mailboxes are the responsibility of the Board.



Annual Dues Collection:

  1. Send out letters in late January or early February for collection by late February or early March.
  2. Follow up letters (reminder) 3-4 weeks after due date.
  3. Follow up calls 2-3 weeks after reminder letter.
  4. Maintain existing liens and issue new ones if necessary.


Keep records of all transactions:

  1. Write checks and where necessary get another Board members approval.
  2. Prepare financial statements.
  3. Maintain supporting documentation for all transactions.
  4. Prepare annual budget.
  5. Operating system is Quick Books Pro.
  6. File annual IRS tax reporting and Michigan non-profit Corporation forms.


Maintain Bank records and contact:

  1. Make deposits and reconcile bank statements.
  2. Our Bank is Standard Federal Savings located on the north side of six (6) mile at Newburgh.
  3. Maintain checking and savings accounts.


Insurance Contract:

  1. Maintain Woodbury Park Corporation Insurance Policy.
  2. Present insurance is with C. L. Finlan& Son Inc. 47784 Halyard Dr., Plymouth, MI 48170, Contact: Sue W. (Commercial Accounts) (734) 453-6000
  3. Coverage is for Commercial General Liability and Commercial Inland Marine. Covers general liability, Directors and Officer coverage, and Sign insurance.



General Association Meetings (Fall):

  1. Distribute Meeting Notice and Agenda 3-4 weeks prior to meeting.
  2. Place reminder signs at entrances a few days prior.
  3. Need to reserve meeting location 5-6 weeks prior to meeting.
  4. Distribute Meeting Minutes to all members.
  5. Maintain a file on all General and Board meeting minutes.


City of Livonia Communications:

  1. Must establish continual contact with Livonia Maintenance to keep utility trucks off the lawn or make sure that they repair the lawn and sprinklers. Also to have Livonia Maintenance clean the front of the Wet Lands.
  2. Reminders to the Police to patrol for speeders.
  3. Establish a contact in the Community Relations Department.


Subdivision Picnic (in any year that it might take place):

  1. Need to reserve picnic area (shelter) in February when city makes them available for reservation.
  2. Need to add the City of Livonia as an "additionally insured" for the day of the picnic - contact insurance company for certificate. No charge.
  3. Need to get Liquor permit from Livonia Police.

ContactLivonia Parks & Recreation: Ron R. or Ruth(734) 466-2410


Maintain members records:

  1. Keep a current listing of names and addresses.
  2. Record keeping system is Microsoft Access.
  3. Prepare mailing labels.
  4. Provide information to Title Companies when homes are sold.


Maintain Post Office Box:

  1. Our box is located at the Livonia Greenmead Station.
  2. Box number is 530872.
  3. Address: WoodburyPark Association, P.O. Box 530872, Livonia, MI 48153-0872.


Web-Site Development and Maintenance

  1. Development of web pages.
  2. Install and operate a web management program.
  3. Maintain web pages.
  4. Renew annual contract.
  5. Communicate with Internet Service Provider.



Ivanhoe-Huntley Homeowners Association Info: Carol W. (248) 851-5800

Livonia Police, Traffic Issues: Sgt. Tim M. (734) 466-2324