October 30, 2004


To:           Woodbury Park Homeowner's


Subject:   Minutes of the October 27, 2004 General Meeting



For your information, attached are the Minutes for the October 27th, 2004 General Meeting.  Also, it was suggested that we poll the homeowners ahead of time about what improvements that you would like or what you would suggest to change.  Please fill out and return the attached form to any one of the board members.  If you lose the form between now and the spring meeting, a handwritten note is fine!  The whole point is to get a better idea of what the homeowners want for their subdivision in addition to the maintenance as stated in the corporate by-laws.


Also, the Woodbury Park Homeowner's website is up and running.  The link is http://woodbury-park.org.


Russ F                                                          Bob P


Jim L                                                            Bill S


Michelle P



Name (optional) _________________________________________________________




Suggested Improvements for 2004/2005______________________________________




Suggested Changes for 2004/2005___________________________________________

Woodbury Park Association Homeowner's Meeting

Held at Taylor Elementary School

October 27th, 2004


Meeting called to order at 7:41 pm.


17 households present.


Russ F motioned to accept the minutes from the May 12th, 2004 meeting.  Motion seconded by Nick T.  Motion carried – meeting minutes approved.


Note on the October 14th minutes by John S – the minutes didn’t reflect that some people were opposed to adding the bylaws.


President’s Report

Jim L briefly reviewed:

·        Beautification expenditures.

·        The mailboxes are not going to hold up forever, and we need a long-term plan.

·        The Architectural and Maintenance committees operations are our goal for the coming year.  We need more volunteers and a better understanding of how the committees should operate.


Treasurer’s Report

Russ F reviewed the profit and loss statement, the balance sheet, the actual vs. forecast, as well as the proposed budget for 2005.



Larry K motioned to accept the 2005 budget.  Motion seconded by Nick T.  Motion carried – 2005 budget approved.



Unfortunately, the discussion on the bylaws brought several issues that we were unable to resolve.  The discussion included:



Debby B motioned to create a committee to finish the by-laws and bring to the spring meeting.  Motioned seconded by Russ F.  Motion carried – By-Law committee created and volunteers identified.  If you would like to participate on the committee, contact Bill S


Election of Officers


Meeting Close

Jim L motioned to close meeting.  Motion seconded by Larry K.  Motion carried – meeting closed at 9:12 pm.