Woodbury Park Association Meeting

Meeting was held at Taylor Elementary School

May 10, 2000



Meeting was called to order by Woodbury Park President, Larry K.at 7:38pm.


Old business:


Motion made to approve minutes from last meeting. Seconded and approved.


Presidentís report presented by Larry K.


Treasurerís report presented by Russ F.


Dues reduction discussion. It was stated that the board would present dues recommendation at the fall meeting.


Berm maintenance: The berm will be watered more this year. It was suggested that additional watering of the berm would be useful. Russ F. will make a personal call to the Livonia water department to determine the disposition of the water meter installation.


New Business:


Architectural Committee Report was presented by Russ F.


A suggestion was made to place a request in the newsletter for the homeowners to observe the 25MPH speed limit in the subdivision. Excessive speeding on Westchester has been observed.


Discussion of the request for vinyl siding occurred. A concern for degrading the value of the homes in Woodbury Park was expressed. Concern for wind problems with vinyl siding was expressed. It was suggested that masonry siding be repainted every 3 years with latex acrylic paint. Considerable concern about the negative implications of installing vinyl siding was expressed.


It was suggested that a painting contractor for the subdivision be contacted for a possible price break.


A suggestion was made to place a request in the newsletter for Association members to observe the lease laws for pets while walking their pets in the neighborhood.


Another member was solicited for the architectural committee. Jim L. volunteered to be a member. Congratulations and thanks to Jim !





Jim G. , Joyce G. and Russ F. will prepare a plan for the South end entrance.


Motion: A motion was made to approve the committee ofJim G. , Joyce G. and Russ F. to prepare and submit to the subdivision board a plan for the improvement of the islands and the south entrance (to including). The board was given authorization to fund the plan as long as spending remained within the 2000 budget.


Resolved: The motion for obtaining a bid for improvement of the South entrance and authorizing the Association Board to approve the spending within the 2000 budget was unanimously approved.


Bob G. will investigate the possibility of creating a no-charge web site for the subdivision.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:28 p.m.