Woodbury Park Association Meeting

Meeting was held at Taylor Elementary School

May 30th 2001


Meeting called to order: 7:07 by Woodbury Park Association President, Larry K.


Motion: A motion was made and seconded to accept the meeting minutes from previous association meeting.

Resolved: The meetings minutes presented were accepted.


Larry K. gave the presidentís report .

Russ F. presented the Treasurerís report.


New Business:


Mail box refurbishments will commence this summer. A total cost of $3,350 is estimated.


Landscaping on the islands is scheduled for June/July (Budgeted at $10,000. Cost estimated at $7,500). Mike V. will obtain a quote for the three islands. The intention is to have low maintenance plantings installed. The majority of the membership requested placing decorative rocks on the islands.


Subdivision Directory: Cheryl M., Art N. and Pat S. volunteered toproduce a Woodbury Park subdivision directory.


Berm maintenance policy:

The berm on Newburgh is defined as the property from top of the hill towards Newburgh.


Maintenance is defined as cutting, edging, string trimming, irrigating, fertilizing the grass. Where applicable and at the discretion of the board, maintenance of beds and trees from top of the hill towards Newburgh.


Home owners that own the berm property are responsible for replacement of any tree, shrub or planting .



Common Area Maintenance:


Motion: To maintain the common areas in the subdivision which includes weeding and general clean up. The committee below will define a process that would allow a $50 dues reduction for four hours work. The proposal will be presented to the board for approval and when accepted will be implemented. The total amount rebated is not to exceed $3,000 annually with a maximum of 60 households participating in any one year.


Joyce G., Theresa D., Sue C. will chair a committee for common area maintenance.


Resolved: The motion for common area maintenance is accepted.


There being no further business to discuss, the meeting concluded at 8:27pm.


27 households attended.