Woodbury Park Association

Home Owner Meeting

Meeting Minutes

May 25, 1999


Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Board President - Larry K.


Board Members Present:


Larry K. - President

Jim G. - Vice-president

Russ F. - Treasurer

Joyce G. - Secretary

Nick T. - Member at large


Larry K. opened the meeting and presented the agenda.


Russ F. presented the financial status.


Discussion Items:


Common Areas. There was discussion as to what specific areas are the responsibility of the Home Owners Association. The board took the action to determine the exact areas owned by the association.


Boulevard (areas between the sidewalk and Newburgh Road). Irrigation and lawn service for the boulevard was suggested. An informational vote was taken and a majority vote for irrigation (lawn sprinklers) and lawn service was obtained.


Snow removal. Various opinions were discussed. An informational vote was taken on this issue and it appeared the vote was split on whether to continue with snow removal. The board agreed to discuss this at future meetings.


Block party. There was a suggestion made to investigate the possibility of holding a block party. Several attendees agreed to form a committee and make a recommendation.


Architectural Committee. It was noted that the responsibility of the architectural committee would soon pass to the Home Owners Association. Two members volunteered to participate: Frank B. and Homer S. It was suggested that the third member be part of the Home Owner's Board of Directors.


Maintenance Committee. It was suggested a maintenance committee be formed to handle some of the miscellaneous tasks. The following people volunteered: Kevin H., Robert S., Chuck B., Arthur N., and Larry K.


Next meeting. The next meeting was suggested for November.