June 12, 2002


To:           Woodbury Park Homeowner's


Subject:   Minutes of the June 5, 2002 General Meeting



For your information, attached are the Minutes for the June 5, 2002 General Meeting.  Also, it was suggested that we poll the homeowners ahead of time about what improvements that they would like or what they don't like.  Please fill out and return the attached form to any one of the board members.  If you lose the form between now and the winter meeting, a handwritten note is fine!  The whole point is to get a better idea of what the homeowners want for their subdivision.


At the June 5th meeting there was some homeowner confusion as to the budget process.  Here's how it works:


Budget Approval/Review Process:


Homeowner's Association legal responsibilities:

·        Maintain common areas (entrances, islands and berms)


Last thing, if you haven't returned your homeowner's directory information, please take the time to do so now.  I have also attached that form.  So far, only about 20% of households have responded.



Debby B.                                               Jim L.



Russ F.                                                    Maryanne M.



Sonja K.


Name (optional) _________________________________________________________




Suggested Improvements for 2003 __________________________________________




Suggested Changes for 2003________________________________________________


Woodbury Park Association Homeowner's Meeting

Held at Taylor Elementary School

June 5, 2002


Meeting Called to order at 7:07 pm.


We had a special guest speaker, Livonia Police Officer Tim M.  Officer M. gave us some valuable security tips and an overview of the neighborhood watch program.










We only have control over opportunities.  Here are a few tips to reduce opportunity:


The Neighborhood Watch is a program of neighbors watching out for reach other's safety and property and citizens aiding the Livonia Police Department in reducing crime within their community by acting as extra "eyes and ears" for the Department.  The program is not intended to turn citizens into vigilantes nor is it designed for participants to take personal risks to prevent crime.


Neighborhood Watch programs can also be the ideal forum for teaching residents techniques for making their homes more secure, properly identifying their property, reporting suspicious activity to the police Department and, most importantly, allow neighbors to get to know each other and their routines so that any unusual activity will be noticed and reported.



The Livonia Police Department also has another interesting program:  the Citizen's Police Academy.  It's a 13-week program that gives average citizens a closer look into the daily activities of the Livonia Police Force.  Look on the LPD website for more information.


There was an article in last week's newspaper about citizens in Novi using a Radar gun.  The Novi Police Department issued the radar gun.  The citizen's do not have the authority to write a ticket but submit the license plate number to the police department.  Although the Livonia Police Department has not started such a program, Officer M. has brought this to the Livonia Police Chief's attention.  If you are interested, he suggested contacting the Livonia Police Department.  The more citizens that are interested, the more likely the program will be implemented in Livonia.  It may be a way to resolve our neighborhood speeding issues.


Sonja K. will be sending officer M. a thank-you note on behalf of Woodbury Park.


As a community, we need to decide if we are interested in the Neighborhood Watch program.  We should have a follow-up discussion at the fall meeting.


Motion: A motion was made and seconded to accept the meeting minutes from previous association meeting.

Resolved: The meetings minutes presented were accepted.


President's Report (Jim L.):


Secretary's Report (Sonja K.):


Vice-President's Report (Debby B.):


Treasurer's Report (Russ F.):


There being no further business to discuss, the meeting concluded at 8:48 pm.


23 Households in attendance (including the 5 board members)

Dear Woodbury Park Homeowner:


Hi!  Our names are Michelle P. and Debby B.  Michelle lives on Kingsburn Drive and Debby lives on Curtis Drive in your subdivision.  We are trying to create a Woodbury Park Directory for our homeowners.  We envision a small, not necessarily to scale, map with the house address labeled and an alphabetical listing of our homeowners with their addresses, phone numbers, and e-mails.


We also have a grandiose idea that Debby read about in a magazine on bringing a neighborhood closer together to feel like a community.  The article suggested creating a neighborhood directory as mentioned above.  The article also suggested a neighborhood website.  A final suggestion was to have gatherings at people's houses a few times a year.  The three examples that we have are (a) a summer lemonade social, (b) a Christmas cookie feast, and (c) a country fair in someone's backyard with 3-legged races and a pie-eating contest.  The idea is not to burden the host and hostess, but that it is mostly a bring-your-own type gathering.  Would you be interested in something like that?  Do you have any other suggestions?  In the past, Debby has participated in a cookie feast.  The entire neighborhood gathered in someone's garage and had cookies and hot cider (spiking optional).  Then we all trekked off to a cut your own tree farm and cut down Christmas trees and brought them home.  Those with large pick-up trucks helped out those with small sedans!


We have attached a questionnaire to make it easier for us to compile the book.  Please fill it out and return it to the addresses below.  We look forward to hearing from you!!



Your Neighbors,

Debby B.                            Michelle P.


Livonia, MI  48152                     Livonia, MI  48152

Woodbury Park Homeowner's Information (please print)


Last Name: _______________________    First Name(s): _______________________


Street Address:  ________________________________________________________


Phone Number:  _________________________


e-mail:  ________________________________




First Name













I want to be included in the neighborhood directory


I do not want to be included in the neighborhood directory






I am interested in organizing/attending a neighborhood activity at my house or another Woodbury Park Homeowner's house


Suggestions:  __________________________________________________


I am not interested in organizing/attending a neighborhood activity at my house or another Woodbury Park Homeowner's house





Any other information that you may want to give:

Examples:  my daughter/son baby-sits, hobbies, interests, etc.