Woodbury Park Association Meeting

Meeting was held at Taylor Elementary School

November 30, 2000


Meeting called to order: 7:15 by Woodbury Park Association President, Larry K.


Motion: A motion was made and seconded to accept the meeting minutes from previous association meeting.

Resolved: The meetings minutes presented were accepted.


Larry K. gave the presidentís report .


Russ F. presented the Treasurerís report.


New Business:


Russ F. presented the Architectural Committee Report which included the following:


The architectural committee report included the results of the traffic study that was commissioned for the intersection of Wechester and Curtis. The end result of the study was that an additional traffic sign will not be placed at the intersection.


Several actions were taken by the committee to reduce speeding that was occurring at the above mentioned intersection: a letter was issued to the police department expressing the subdivisionís concern which have resulted in increased patrols. A meeting was held with the Livonia Traffic Department which resulted in a measurement of traffic through the area.


The Architectural Committee upheld the deed restrictions which prohibits vinyl siding for homes in Woodbury Park.


Poison Ivy was removed from the backyards of homes on Curtis that bordered the schoolyard.


Board Member Elections:

Debbie B. was voted in for a two year term by a majority ofthose present.


Russ F. was re-elected to a two year term.


Jim G. was re-elected to a one year term.


A decision was made to have all future board seats exist for a two year term.


A decision was made to obtain a quote and issue a contract for the refurbishment of the mailboxes. The board was empowered to spend funds on this project providing total spending was within the annual budget.


A decision was made to obtain a quote and issue a contract for landscaping the three islands in the subdivision. The board was empowered to spend funds up to a budgeted amount of $10,000.




Meeting Concluded at 8:43.


Approximately 29 households attended.