Woodbury Park Association

 Homeowner’s Annual Meeting Minutes


Held November 06, 2017 at the Livonia Public Library




The Annual Meeting was called to order at 7:31 pm. 


The minutes of November 21, 2016 Annual Meeting were accepted.


General Comments/Discussions


Several accomplishments were mentioned that occurred during the year. The sprinkler system was updated replacing all of the sprinkler heads. The mailboxes were cleaned and waxed as part of the annual maintenance. The lighting system at the North and South entrances were inspected as part of the annual maintenance program. Two mailbox posts were struck and knocked over. Within days, temporary replacements were installed and new matching posts and mailboxes were ordered and subsequently installed. Finally, new signage was purchased to announce the annual meeting.


Russ reviewed the financial statements which included individual expense items. The 2018 Budget was reviewed and accepted.


Jim covered the update our web site. A discussion included the thought that additional investment at this time would not be made. However, Al volunteered to update the site with the most recent annual meeting minutes and the 2018 budget.  


Notices for dues payment will be sent at the end of January with a payment date of February 28, 2018.


An Association Garage Sale was suggested for the weekend of June 8, 9, 10. Volunteers are requested to contact Jim Giordano.


Gary N. inquired about the status of the claim for the mailbox destruction on Curtis.


A review of the Financial Reports occurred with the highlights shown below.


Financial Report –.

·        Profit & Loss Statement

o    $28,290 membership dues were recorded. There is one delinquent household. Actual and forecast expenses totaled $28,250.


Balance Sheet as of October 29, 2017:

o   $18,665 in checking account

o   $30,114 in savings


·        2018 Budget that included expenses of $28,000 was unanimously approved.


                 Dues remain at $250.00.



There being no further business to discuss, the Annual Meeting was adjourned at 8:35 pm.


                        Board of Directors