1.       Purpose


The website is established to maintain and promote the duties of the Woodbury Park Association.


2.       Authority


The website will be operated by an adult member of the Association; the Webmaster. The Webmaster will administer the site and e-mail program with the guidance and direction of the President and Board of Directors of the Association, according to the provisions of this policy.


3.       Application


This policy applies only to the operation of the Association website. It is not to be interpreted to apply to other non-website related aspects of conducting Association business. This policy applies to all content (e.g. files) on the website and WSP server, regardless of whether this information is visible to, or accessible by any user.


4.       Policy Changes


Any changes to this policy will be approved by the Woodbury Park Association Board of Directors prior to implementation on the website. It is possible that a policy change may affect previously collected personal information (name, home address, phone number, etc.). Therefore, any personal information collected in conjunction with the website will always be treated according to the policy that was in effect when the personal information was collected.


5.       Definitions


5.1. Association - Woodbury Park Association.

5.2. Site, Website woodbury-park.org.

5.3. Member - An adult homeowner of the Woodbury Park Subdivision.

5.4. Officer - President and Board of Directors of the Association.

5.5. Service Volunteer -  A member volunteer to the Association.

5.6. Account woodbury-park.org e-mail account.

5.7. Webmaster Adult Member designated to administer this policy.

5.8. Youth - Under age 18.

5.9. Personal Information - name, home address, phone numbers, age, account numbers, photographic likeness, etc.

5.10.Personal E-mail address A members personally obtained e-mail address.

5.11.Off-line - Not on the server.

5.12.Server - The storage device that provides the website files that are accessible via the internet.

5.13.Published - Files, software, or other information placed on the website server.

5.14.WSP - Website Service Provider



6.       General Guidelines E-mail and Website


6.1. Access


Access to the internet is not provided by the Association. It is up to the user to obtain access in order to view the website. Access can be provided by an Internet Service Provider (ISP), usually at a cost to the user. Access may also be obtained free of charge through a public library.


6.2. Non-Exclusivity


The information provided by the website is meant to supplement other forms of communication that the Association uses to interact with its members. It is not meant to replace other more traditional methods used by the Association to collect or distribute information. Therefore, it is not an exclusive channel of communication.


6.3. Responsiveness


E-mail is not a predictable communications medium. Both reliability and transit time cannot be controlled. The user is advised to consider the importance and urgency of the message when choosing e-mail as the communication medium.


6.4.    Viruses


The webmaster will make reasonable efforts to ensure that the website contents are virus free. However, links may be provided on this website for which the Association has no control over content. Therefore, each user must be diligent in their own efforts to prevent the spreading of viruses as well. Users are encouraged to make use of third party virus detection programs in transmitting (e.g. e-mail) or receiving (e.g. downloading) information from the internet.


6.5.    Passwords


The webmaster may assign passwords to access secure areas of the website. Each user is responsible for maintaining the security of passwords. The webmaster may change passwords periodically in order to maintain security.


6.6.    Changes


The website or its contents may change without notice.


6.7. Errors and Omissions


 Although we make every effort to ensure that all information posted on our web site is accurate and complete, we cannot guarantee its integrity. The Association or its members will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for any errors, omissions, inaccuracies, or incomplete information that may occur as a result of providing the website. The Association does not warrant that the functional aspects of the website will be uninterrupted or error free, or that this website or the server that makes it available does not contain viruses or other harmful elements.


7.       Website 


7.1. Control of Web Content


The website content including text, articles, graphical images, photos, images, audio, video, software, and design  are wholly controlled by the webmaster. The Association has obtained a

written service contract with a WSP which ensures this complete control. Website content is ultimately subject to approval from the President and Board of Directors.


7.2. Duties of the Webmaster


The Webmaster will be responsible for the content of the website, according to the policies in this document. The Webmaster will provide administration of site content and tools (e.g. software, e-mail accounts, passwords, permissions, etc.) and procedures necessary to implement them. Association Members are encouraged to submit relevant materials for incorporation onto the website, however, the Webmaster will approve all materials submitted by Association Members according to the policies outlined in this document.


7.3. Link Registration


The Association may seek link registration on other external websites in order to promote the Association. Link registration will be done cautiously in order to avoid material or organizations which may be deemed inappropriate for the Associations goals. The Webmaster will maintain a log of sites at which Woodbury-Park.org is linked.


7.4. Links to other sites


The Association may provide links to other websites that support the associations goals. Since the Association does not control the content of these links, the Association will select these links cautiously in order to ensure that the information is appropriate. The Association will not link to websites to endorse products. The Association will not participate in web-rings or other schemes whose purpose is to provide other links. Whenever a link is provided to an external site, the following disclaimer will appear on the same page: "Links to other websites are provided solely for informational purposes only and are not endorsed by the Woodbury Park Association. The information provided by these links may be inaccurate, outdated, or inappropriate for all audiences."


7.5. Advertising and Commercial Endorsements


The Woodbury Park Association website will not be used to advertise or endorse commercial products or services. This includes sites which offer free services or awards in order to advertise (e.g. "Banner" advertising, "pop-up" advertising) or display links to other commercial sites.


7.6. Electronic Commerce


The website will not be used to sell merchandise or conduct financial transactions.


7.7. Privacy


Woodbury-park.org does not intend to use the website to collect personal information from its users. Personal information collected by other means will not be published on the website without written permission. See Appendix B. The webmaster will keep all written permissions for the duration that they are published. Written permissions will be kept entirely off-line.


7.7.1. Privacy and Youth Protection


The Association will not knowingly solicit or publish personal information from any youth, for any purpose. The Association highly recommends that youth obtain parental approval before using the site or e-mail services and possibly divulging personal information.


7.7.2. Collecting Personal Information


Personal information may be voluntarily transmitted by a user to the Association, (e.g. via e-mail) for a specific purpose. The Association, will avoid using the Internet to gather this information about users unless it is necessary to accomplish the user's goals.  Collection


Woodbury-park.org, of the Woodbury Park Association, collects no personally identifying information about individuals except when specifically and knowingly provided by such individuals.


Any personal information that is sent to the website will be used solely for the purpose for which it was intended.  Disclosure


Personal information will not be disclosed, shared, or made available to any other organization or company without your written permission, or as required by law. Notification


We will notify you if we are requested to disclose information about you, unless prevented by law.  Information about all Woodbury-park.org visitors


The WSP or the Association may collect statistical information about the usage of the site, such as the number of visitors, the number of times that they visit, and the specific pages that are visited. If collected, this information is viewed only in collective or aggregate form and is used to assess the traffic patterns or usage of the website pages or features.


This type of information does not contain any personal information on individual users.


7.7.3. Use of Cookies


This website will not use cookies.


7.7.4. Secure Areas


The Association may provide one or more protected areas of the website specifically for Association officers,  Board Members, or Service Volunteers in order to access information necessary to fulfill their Association-related functions. These protected areas will require a password which will be administered by the Webmaster. (See section 6.5 Passwords.)


These password protected areas will comply with the same policies of this document as if it were a non-password protected area.


7.7.5. Photographs


The use of photographs on the website creates two concerns; 1) Permission from the photographer to use the photo, and 2) Permission from the subject(s) of the photo to use and publish their likeness on the internet. For these reasons, the Association will obtain a "Talent Release" for every person shown in the photos, and for the photographer who has supplied the photo. A copy of the Talent Release Form is shown in Appendix A.


The signature of the guardian will be obtained for any youth shown in the photos.  Photographic Captions or Text


Any captions or text included with the photo will comply with the policies of this document, specifically section 7.7.6 Use of Names.


7.7.6. Use of Names


In general, all individuals on the Association website will be identified by their initials, or first name, of first name and last initial.


Exceptions to this policy, (e.g. to publish the full name of an officer) will be made after permission is obtained in writing. See Appendix B.


7.7.7. Contact Information, Members


Occasionally it may be necessary to publish contact information for certain adult Members in order to facilitate their duties to the Association. This provision is only to be used in support of legitimate  Association business. This information may be published only after obtaining written permission from the individual. See Appendix B. The individual may request the prompt removal of this information at any time (See section 7.7.9).


Contact information for youth will not be published or otherwise made available under any circumstances.


7.7.8. Contact Information, Public


It may be necessary to publish contact information on third-party individuals or companies in support of Association business.  The Association will exercise caution in deciding to do this in order to avoid the appearance of endorsing an individual's products or services. (See section 7.5) This information may be published only after obtaining written permission from the individual or company officer. See Appendix B. The individual or company officer may request the prompt removal of this information at any time (See section 7.7.9).


7.7.9. Removal of Any Information


Individuals can request the prompt removal of their information at any time by contacting the Webmaster. The information will be removed as soon as practical, as determined by the Webmaster. The Webmaster must acknowledge the removal of the information to the requester after the information is removed.


7.8. Copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property. 


7.8.1. Content Sources


The Association owns the text, photos graphics, designs, and programming developed or contracted by the Association and its members. Written permission must be obtained to use all other materials that the Association does not own. The permission should identify the specific material, where it can be used, the duration of use, and any other restrictions or limitations the owner may impose. The Webmaster will keep the written permission for the duration of use of the material.


7.8.2. Using Materials from Other Websites


Occasionally, other sites grant permission to use their copyrighted material (e.g. articles,  text, information, graphics, software, etc.) The permission (e.g. printout of the page or text) which grants the rights to use the material will be kept by the Webmaster for the duration of use of the material.


7.8.3. Site Copyright


As stated above (See 7.8.1), the Association owns all content of the website, either created by the Association, or used with permission. The copyright statement " 2003 Woodbury Park Association" will appear on the main page of the website.


7.8.4. Copyright Notice


All website content including text, articles, graphical images, photos, images, audio, video, software, and design are Copyright 2003 Woodbury Park Association, all rights reserved and is protected by U.S. and international copyright laws. All software used on the website is either owned by the Association, or its WSP and is protected by U.S. and international copyright laws.


The information may not be freely copied without expressed written permission by the President, Woodbury Park Association.


All requests for usage of any material available on Woodbury-park.org should be addressed to webmaster@Woodbury-park.org.


7.8.5. Trademarks


All trademarks, service marks, and trade names are proprietary to the Association or other owners that have granted the Association written permission to use such marks.


7.8.6. User Submissions and Content


Guest Books, Bulletin Boards, Chat Rooms and News Groups can allow users to interchange written text, images, and files through the website interface. The Association does not have the resources to moderate the content of these tools to insure compliance with the policies of this document and so these features will not be implemented.


7.8.7. E-mail Content


E-Mail sent to the Webmaster, President, or Board of Directors will not be reprinted on the website without permission to do so from the author (originator) of the e-mail.


8.       E-mail


8.1.    Account Access


Woodbury-park.org provides e-mail for its Webmaster and Officers. It is up to the individual to obtain access to the Internet. Access can be provided by an Internet Service Provider (ISP), usually at a cost to the user. Access may also be obtained free of charge through a public library.


8.2.    Availability


The e-mail account is subject to the usual variability of the internet, and as such, may not be available on a continuous basis.


8.3.  Privacy and E-mail Address


To protect the privacy of volunteers serving the Association, generic email address ("webmaster@woodbury-park.org", "info@woodbury-park.org", "president@woodbury-park.org", etc.) will be provided.


E-mail addresses will be assigned and administered by the webmaster. The E-mail address will contain some identifying connection to the Officer's position in the Association organization. For example, e-mail addresses like treasurer@woodbury-park.org would identify the Officer as the Treasurer of the Association. 


Other name formats will be considered as an exception, if necessary, but the name format should clearly identify the Officer's position in the Association.


8.4.  E-mail Options


The Webmaster will determine the default setup of the e-mail account. The user may be able to select account options on an individual basis.


8.4.1. E-mail Forwarding


The e-mail account holder may choose to implement an e-mail forwarding feature which can direct  Association email to another personal account. (The officer would provide their own personal account.)


8.5.    General E-mail Conduct


8.5.1. Useage


Woodbury-park.org e-mail accounts are to be used only for Woodbury Park Association official business.


8.5.2.  Conduct


The Officers may be personally liable for their conduct in using e-mail. By using a Woodbury-park.org e-mail address you are acting as a representative of the Woodbury Park Association.


8.5.3. E-mail and Personal Information


E-mail transmissions are inherently insecure. Once transmitted, the sender has no control of the disposition of the information. It may be innocently forwarded to another user, then another, and so on. It may be inadvertantly left on servers and vulnerable to hackers or unscrupulous entrepreneurs. It may be maliciously copied and forwarded via viruses. Because of this, personal information (e.g. full name, address, telephone number, account numbers, etc.) should never be transmitted in e-mail messages. All e-mail received that contains personal information should not be left on the server (See also 8.5.4), and should be deleted from the users storage after it is processed.


8.5.4. Storage and accessing your e-mail


In order to minimize the usage of storage space, your e-mail software should be set to immediately download messages upon initiating access. Failure to do so may exceed the storage allotment for each user and result in termination of the account.


8.5.5. Providing E-mail Addresses


E-mail account holders should be especially cautious of providing their e-mail addresses to outside concerns. Do not register your e-mail address on other websites.


8.5.6.  Address Books and Privacy


Most users prefer to enter often-used e-mail addresses into their "address books". Most e-mail programs provide the user with a field within the address book to enter a name to be associated with the e-mail address. The content of this field is transmitted along with the target email address. It is common practice for users to enter the individual's name in this field. In order to provide an increased level of privacy and security for the individuals in your address book, leave this field blank, or use some other generic name (or nickname)  that does not disclose the identity of the individual.


It is better to refrain from using address books at all since they are usually the source which enable malicious or nuisance viruses to spread rapidly.


8.5.7. Spam


Spamming is prohibited. To minimize spam for all users, use the blind copy feature of your e-mail program rather than the complimentary copy (.cc) that identify other users addresses. 


8.5.8.  Scripting


Avoid the use of Java Scripts or other programming scripts embedded in e-mail or in attachments.


8.5.9.  Account Termination


The Webmaster may be forced to terminate an e-mail account if the user does not comply with the provisions of section 8 and jeopardizes the operation of woodbury-park.org.


9.       Revision History


It is especially important to record the dates that various document revisions were in effect, in order to comply with the provisions of section 4.










Initial Release




Initial Draft



10.   Appendix A - Talent Release




I hereby assign and grant to Woodbury Park Association, the right and permission to use and publish the graphics, photographs, film, video tapes, electronic representations and sound recordings made of the named subject of this form by Woodbury Park Association.  I hereby release the Woodbury Park Association, from any and all liability from such use and publication.




I hereby authorize the reproduction, sale, copyright, exhibit, broadcast, electronic storage and distribution of said graphics, photographs, film, video tapes, electronic representations and sound recordings without limitation at the discretion of Woodbury Park Association, and I specifically waive any right to any compensation I may have for any of the foregoing.




City, State ZIP:

Phone number:


Guardian: (if subject is younger than 18):



I understand that I may revoke this authorization by contacting Webmaster@woodbury-park.org in writing (e-mail is acceptable).  I may also request the removal of any personal information or material according to the provisions of section 7.7.9.


11.   Appendix B Publication of Personal Information on the Internet


I hereby assign the Woodbury Park Association the right and permission to use and publish the following personal information of the named subject of this form.  I hereby release the Woodbury Park Association from any and all liability from such use and publication. (circle Yes/No for each preference)


Name:                                         Yes      No        Specify:

Residential Address:                    Yes      No        Specify:


Personal Telephone Numbers:       Yes      No        Specify:



Personal Email Addresses:           Yes      No        Specify:

Other (specify):   

Restrictions or Limitations:



Guardian: (if subject is younger than 18):



I understand that I may revoke this authorization by contacting Webmaster@woodbury-park.org in writing (e-mail is acceptable).  I may also request the removal of any personal information or material according to the provisions of section 7.7.9.